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If you want to start a new career, with full training and the ability to control the hours you work and the money you earn – then you can train with UK7 Driving School to become an approved driving instructor ADI.

At UK7 Driving School we will develop your knowledge, correct any bad habits and then teach you the skills you will need to train others to drive.  


You can apply to become a driving instructor in Great Britain if you are:

1- Minimum 21 years old

2- Have held a full UK Driving licence for minimum of 3 years

3- You have never been banned from driving before

4- You have no more than 6 points on your licence 

5- You are not convicted of any crimes,

You can usually apply to start the qualifying process 6 months before your 21st birthday. This is because it will take at least 6 months to qualify as an ADI. If you have not yet obtained your driving licence but you are thinking of the prospect of becoming a driving instructor in the future then please get in touch with UK7 Driving School. 

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